Shasta Daisy in Full bloom

Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum X superbum)

This Shasta Daisy grew to around 3 feet tall!

Generous white flowers with a yellow center, this daisy is a short lived perennial. One plant will live around 3 years but during those years, it will reseed throughout your garden giving you a steady supply. It’s not an aggressive reseeder and they are easily pulled or dug up and moved if they land in a spot you don’t want them.

They need full sun (6+ hours) but they really appreciate some afternoon shade. They wilt in the afternoon heat but rebound quickly as the evening cools off.

In my garden they normally reach a height of around 2 feet. The image you see above was an exceptional year and this one plant reached 3 feet tall. It was gorgeous! Not typical, but just wanted to let you know, it’s possible! Maybe some extra fertilizer to pump them up? Might be worth a try.

When Do Shasta Daisies Bloom?

They start to bloom around mid May in my Zone 5/6 garden. You’ll see the buds start to form up early May and then in about 10-14 days they start opening up.

Bud forming on Shasta Daisy

When the petals start to die back, cut the stalk to the ground. By doing this, you keep the flowers from forming seeds and it will put up new growth to flower again. Don’t forget to leave some though for new babies!

Are Shasta Daisies Good Cut Flowers?

Shasta Daisies make excellent cut flowers. Cut them when the flower is not quite open at the base of the plant, in the early morning when they are fully hydrated. Immediately put them into cold water. They should last up to a week when changing the water daily.

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