Winter Curly Willow arrangement

13 Uses for Curly Willow Branches

Curly willow branches are a twisting, curling limb that can provide you with a different type of decoration inside and outside of your home. They can be used in floral arrangements, as a support inside or outside and used in craft projects.

Here’s a list of uses for curly willow branches:

spray painting curly willw
Spray Painting Curly Willow
Winter Curly Willow arrangement
Curly Willow used in a winter arrangement
  1. In a vase with flowers
  2. Spray painted red for Christmas and used with evergreens
  3. Stuck in a wreath
  4. Used as a wreath base or
  5. Simply made into a wreath all by itself
  6. Place over plants that need support outside
  7. Make a fairy garden chair
  8. Create a picture frame
  9. Use as hair for a whimsey garden angel
  10. Cut into short pieces and make a a tiny fence or gate
  11. Make a witches broom, large or small.
  12. Hot glue artificial leaves to a large branch for an indoor tree
  13. Use to hang pictures or cards

Depending on how you will use the curly willow, it may be best to use it already dried. For example, using it as a support for plants outdoors, you’ll want to use an already dead branch. Willows are notorious for easy rooting and it just may root where you don’t want a tree growing.

Tender young branches will bend easily but may need some soaking in water to prevent breakage. With this in mind, if you want to bend dead willow, Willows Nursery recommends soaking 1 day per foot.

Ultimately, curly willow branches are an easy way to bring nature indoors and you’ll have fun finding creative ways to use it in your home.